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PT. Indo Bumi Lavana has established a partnership with a group of spice farmers in Pacitan, East Java, Indonesia. We cultivate the best spices, especially in Pachitan, East Java, Indonesia. We work closely with farmers to produce the highest quality spices.

Pachitan, East Java has great and abundant potential to produce spices, ranging from fresh, dried and processed spices. Various spices have thrived in this area for a long time, therefore we will continue to develop spices in Pachitan so that the productivity and quality of Indonesian spices is on average compared to
other exporting countries.

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Village Local Farmer

Spice products come from local farmers, which we help by empowering them as the best farmers to produce good and high quality products and reach domestic and global market standards.


PT Indo Bumi Lavanaa

We have and manage small to medium scale industrial production, the industry can produce quality spice products for both domestic and international markets.

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PT. Indo Bumi Lavanaa is a company, which prioritizes professionalism, is full of responsibility and maintains good product quality. The future of our company is to be able to continue to cooperate and trust each other with our partners.